Brittani's BIO

Who is JackPearl?

Unique    Balance    Vintage

Jack Pearl finds perfect balance in this existence. Being the best you can be having no excuses! Stand up to any and all challenges. Be as masculine as a Jack and as delicate as a Pearl. Exist in a space where you are enough. Be extraordinary and powerful in the most humblest of ways. We are gems.... We are JackPearl, I am JackPearl

Hi, my name is Brittani Washington, lover of the arts and all the people under the sun. From Music, Photography, to Fashion I've done it all humbly making my mark in this industry as being one of the first musicians in the world to be featured with two A-list artist on Drums and Keys. I have played in the world’s most famous festivals like Glastonbury with Beyonce and Rockin Rio with Ceelo Green, I have been blessed with the opportunity to hear some amazing music but at the same time the chance to experience so many different cultures. As I danced in the crowds with a beer in my hand, I got the chance to see some beautiful people, amazing fashions, and be inspired by Incredible vintage pieces from all over the world. Through all of this, I fell in love with what the word vintage truly represents. Its not just old clothes from another time, but more so a whole vibe and lifestyle unto itself! Beyonce made sure her band stood out the most on stage because we were the group that stayed on the stage the entire time the show was moving, carrying the music and the energy. When I first started with Beyonce I was a country girl from Port Arthur ,TX fresh out of high school and my daddy was the town's pastor. I remember telling Beyonce's mom, Miss Tina, that I didn't feel comfortable wearing my two piece swimsuit sparkle costume on stage because my dad might see the She then replied by telling me when she was my age she always liked to feel free, comfortable to express herself at anytime…and then it clicked and 
*BABES* did I start living! I remember wearing some really dope red, leggo-looking heels for my 'after show' outfit at the World Music Awards in London. I was walking around being nosy, trying to see who I could see, when I heard a guy say, "YOOOO! I really like those shoes! "It was Kanye, and my life was officially made. He’s always been a fashion icon to me and I am inspired for his hunger for something different, always showing the world that everyone has the right to express themselves.

You would never believe this, but Ceelo Green is by far the most inspirational fashionista  I've ever run into in this industry and trust me I've seen and met a lot of people in this world. All the costumes you've seen us in, including his costumes were created and inspired by his connection to the arts. One of my nicknames with My sisters from Beyonce’s band is The Juke Box because I know so many songs, but I always say that Ceelo Green is the REAL walking talking Juke Box AND fashion historian! He knows what everybody was wearing! 

Ive met and have been dressed by famous designers like Thierry Mugler,  I've posed for pictures at shows with the beautiful Naomi Campbell, I've been to every award show and had the opportunity to be backstage, in the audience, and on the actual performing stage playing my heart out LIVING! All that time all those performances being around all those stylist secretly wanting to also be apart of everything that was happening on the other side of the fashion production scene. I wanted to be the stylist that was putting Beyonce’s tour costumes together, dressing the dancers and the band, but unfortunately who would play keys? Who would play the drums? Who would sing? I cant do it all right…lol I CAN. Introducing Jack Pearl.